Is it Time to Change Your Stamped Concrete Houston

The backyard is a haven and many are at a loss as to how to spruce it up. It seems messy and unkempt, though efforts are made regularly to clean and trim. The pool looks drab and the lawn is just too plain. Before you consider a stamped concrete Houston company for your solution, look closer at Carvestone. In fact, you will barely have glanced at it before you will have made up your mind.

Carverstone has many benefits. The durability is unsurpassed for outdoor decorative concrete. Your typical exterior concrete pavement is 3500 PSI, while Carvestone weighs in at 5800 PSI. The cost is lower as well, especially when you take into consideration replacing stamped concrete much earlier than Carvestone. How would you like to wait more than a decade before repaving? Stamped concretes in Houston are weaker and leave you worrying constantly about when they will start to chip and look aged.

A new surface to the pool area can work wonders on the overall appearance of the backyard. Carvestone can give it that real stone appearance at a cost-effective figure. Comparing stamped concrete Houston companies to Carvestone you find that Carvestone is made of quarried limestone and that gives it that stone luster. The pool area can be reshaped with Carvestone to transform the entire atmosphere of your backyard. Give us a call today and we’ll help you get started on giving your backyard a facelift.


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