How to Increase the Selling Power of Your Home with Decorative Concrete in Austin

[Posted on November 12th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Decorative concrete in Austin has been available for decades, and homeowners are developing a new appreciation for this cost-effective option. More affordable than natural stone and tiles, it’s a durable and attractive choice. Professionally finished for beauty, it’s made to last for decades with minimal care, and that makes it a top choice among home buyers. Below are the ways that stamped concrete is a smarter choice than other building materials.

Cost Effective Option

The initial cost of pavers or tiles may appear lower, but it’s important to remember that other materials require more labor for the installation. Stamped concrete is actually less labor intensive because the base doesn’t have to be developed to the same level of perfection. Placing stones by hand is an arduous process, but the labor for pouring and finishing decorative concrete in Austin is minimized. Customers save money on the overall project, and that increases their overall return on investment when it’s time to sell.

Everyone Loves the Look

Decorative concrete in Austin mimics the look of pavers without the costly labor expense. The surface can be customized to choose any beautiful pattern. Homeowners receive compliments regularly from their friends and other visitors. The family and friends will appreciate how luxurious the patio looks with this material. When it’s time to sell, potential buyers will be impressed with the look, and that gives the home an important edge over the competition.

The Low- Maintenance is Appealing

People who are familiar with stamped concrete understand that it requires little maintenance. There are no loose pavers to become loose and have to be addressed. There’s no need to seal it annually, although sealing it every few years is beneficial. While wood needs to be regularly stained and protected, the concrete requires little care. Weeds won’t grow up through the cracks because the base is solid. Homeowners save time and money with the reduced maintenance cost. Buyers are drawn to homes with decorative concrete because they appreciate the long-term savings.

Greater Durability

Stamped concrete is more durable than other building materials. It can last for a decade or longer and home buyers appreciate that longevity. Potential buyers are always looking at homes with a critical eye. They don’t want a house with a roof that’s in need or replacement or a hot water heater that’s 20 years old. However, they do appreciate the value of buying a house that features attractive stamped concrete. They know they won’t have to worry about replacing it, and they can start planning their new patio before they even submit an offer.

The durability, low maintenance and beauty of stamped concrete makes it a top choice among homeowners. It has an excellent return on value because buyers appreciate these same features. Having stamped concrete around the home’s exterior also sends potential buyers a clear message that the existing owner’s takes pride in the property and has kept up with maintenance and updates. When it’s time to make a change around the home, property owners are encouraged to utilize all the incredible benefits of decorative concrete.

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