Improve Your Houston Abode with Help from Concrete Resurfacing in Houston

[Posted on September 4th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Concrete is a tough, durable material, but it does deteriorate over time. Exterior concrete surfaces are constantly exposed to sun, rain and freezing temperatures, as well as constant traffic from feet and vehicles. All of these can quickly take a toll on exterior concrete. Due to these factors, as well as for purely aesthetic reasons, many homeowners turn to concrete resurfacing in Houston to spruce up the appearance of the concrete around their homes.

Repairing Damage

As concrete ages, it loses structural integrity and the ability to stand up to the elements. Deterioration may be accelerated by a harsh climate, heavy traffic, shoddy installation, inadequate compaction of the underlying substrate, use of the wrong type of concrete and improper sealing at the time of initial placement. Concrete may also be in regular contact with a variety of detrimental compounds, including lawn fertilizer, pesticides, roadway salt, leaking automotive fluids and pool chemicals, all of which can have the unfortunate effect of discoloring the surface or even causing it crack. No matter the cause, unsightly cracks, uneven areas and discoloration all detract from the overall appearance of a concrete surface. Concrete resurfacing in Houston not only improves the appearance of the surface of a concrete driveway, deck or patio, it can also help protect the underlying concrete from further damage by preventing additional water penetration, which is one of the primary causes of concrete failure.

Improving Safety

Concrete surfaces that are incorrectly mixed or improperly installed can be hazardous. An uneven concrete pad may allow water to pool, while a surface that is too smooth can lead to falls or loss of tire traction. When resurfacing concrete the material used may be mixed to include a wide range of aggregate that enhances traction, or textured granules can be added directly to the surface. Cracked concrete can also be dangerous, as well as unattractive. Resurfaced concrete provides a smooth, cohesive surface that is free from cracks and dips that can lead to trips and falls.

Adding Interest and Beauty

Even when properly installed and safe for walking and driving, a plain concrete surface can be dull. Concrete resurfacing is one of the easiest ways for a homeowner to add designer flair to any home. Adding a new surface to a basic, uninteresting concrete pad can create a work of art right in your yard. Enhancement with new features like decorative borders, patterns and colors transforms a standard driveway from utilitarian to artistic without all the work of removing and reinstalling the entire driveway.

Updating Appearance

Many homeowners who undertake a partial or total home remodel find that their existing exterior concrete surfaces no longer match the new colors and materials selected during the renovation. In many cases, the exterior concrete can be refinished to match the new home exterior. Concrete can be resurfaced using any color the homeowner desires and incorporate other decorative aspects, such as stamped designs, carved patterns and unique, exposed aggregate.Resurfacing is a much simpler process than demolishing and reinstalling large areas of concrete but is best left to concrete resurfacing professionals in order to ensure that it is carried out properly. The new surface must bond properly to the old concrete, and cracks from the original surface may be transmitted to the new surface if not properly sealed prior to resurfacing. If your exterior concrete surfaces are damaged, discolored or dull, contact a professional Houston concrete expert today to discuss your options.