How Should I Pick My Outdoor Living Concrete Contractor?

Prior to the start of any outdoor living space project, it is important to do research on your contractor. There are numerous companies that have a specific focus.  Some contractors focus on certain materials or types of projects which can lead you to a less than desirable outcome for your project and home.


Beyond being physically able to complete a project, there are many other items you should have on your checklist. How does this person make you feel? Do you feel heard? Has someone you know worked with them before? Does this person have credentials and understand permitting and HOA approval processes? What are the reviews online saying about this person or their company? Are they listed on the Better Business Bureau?


Contractor Checklist:

  • Reviews (do they have more than 5)?
  • Are they easy to schedule an appointment?
  • Did they show up at the time you scheduled?
  • Do they have an office or do they work out of a garage?
  • Do they have insurance and can they show you proof?
  • Do they have workers comp?
  • Did they get you pricing when you met or do you have to wait?
    • Why do you have to wait?
  • Professional?
  • Have they completed enough projects to make you feel comfortable
  • Do they listen to your ideas?
  • Do they offer flexible payment options (credit card, financing)
  • Do they offer creative payment solutions or do they need draws?
  • Do they have schedulers to keep your project moving?
  • Do they project managers to ensure quality?


Honesty in key. Truthfulness is priority. Accountability is essential. Those three characteristics create not only a successful project, but an even better working relationship. We want our project consultants and project managers to take the same level of pride in your project as they would in a project in their own backyard.


Print off our checklist and use it on your next project.   And when you are ready, schedule a free consultation and experience the difference when we check every box.


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