Houston Pavers Make Paving Easy

[Posted on September 3rd , 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Pavers are a smart choice for any homeowner who wants a sophisticated look and timeless style. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Houston Pavers is one of the best companies to call for new paving in Houston. They prepare a solid foundation and use high-quality materials to ensure that their paved surfaces will be smooth, level and durable.

Concrete Edge Restraint
Installing paving in Houston requires a sturdy base. While pavers can be installed in any beautiful shape, they need something to help hold them in place. Without a restraint system, they may move out if the ground around them shifts, and that allows gaps to open up. Houston Pavers use a concrete edge restraint system with rebar to hold the pavers in place and eliminate any shifting. This maintains proper spacing between pavers, so the entire system will last longer.

Stabilizing Foundation
The next step is to lay a heavy foundation of stabilized sand or crushed granite. Some companies skip this step completely, but Houston Pavers knows how important the solid foundation is. They use a four- to six-inch base in their construction, so the pavers will remain level and smooth for years to come. This foundation requires more digging to allow for the extra surface, but it creates a more stable and durable paved area. When people are investing in driveways, this step is particularly important due to the weight of the cars.

The Top Layers
A layer of bedding sand rests between the stabilizing foundation and the finished pavers. This bedding sand smooths out any inconsistencies and allows for level installation of the pavers. With the sand in place and smoothed out, the pavers are set into position and perfected. Finally, the space between pavers is filled with polymeric sand. This find sand settles into the gaps to finish the space and help keep the foundation secure.

Protection for Consumers
Houston Pavers understands the important of protecting their customers. They are fully insured, so homeowners are covered in the event of an accident. They are members of the Better Business Bureau, and they believe that excellent communication is important in any renovation project. Using time-tested installation techniques and high-quality materials, they provide homeowners with beautiful paved surfaces.

Reliable Certifications
Houston Pavers is constantly investing in new training to keep up with modern techniques and new options. They are Retaining walls systems certified, and ICPI certified. Belgard offers some of the finest pavers in the industry, and Houston Pavers is an authorized dealer and installer of their high-quality products.

Full Range of Services
The professionals at Houston Pavers can transform a patio or deck, and they also offer other valuable services. Trust them to improve driveways, create stunning pool decks and add walkways through the property. They also offer retaining walls, receding walls and outdoor features like kitchens and fireplaces.

Houston Pavers provides their customers with the highest level of service and workmanship. They take the time to clean the worksite completely at the end of the project, and they stand behind their work with a guarantee. Whether homeowners are in the market for driveways or custom patios, Houston Pavers can help with custom creations and individual service. They’re one of them most trusted names in the area with a quarter-century of experience, and they work on projects of all sizes.


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