Hand Installed Carvestone Has Proven To Be The Most Valuable Form Of Flagstone For Homeowners In The Area

Flagstone Houston has long been one of the most popular types of decorative concrete eventhough it is often considered an expensive process. In recent years, however, Homeowners have turned to Allied Outdoor Solutions and our Carvestone concrete overlay when they both a decorative and protective coating for their exterior concrete surfaces. Not only does Carvestone achieve a “real stone” look in a way that will actually have visitors convinced you spent much more than you did, but the level of protection that is achieved is far and away more effective than the other types of concrete overlay on the market.

Because so many people associate loud, disruptive work with home improvement projects, it’s something they’ll often put off longer than they should. That’s something that is often considered an unavoidable side effect of this kind of work but at Allied Outdoor Solutions, we’re able to do the Carvestone concrete coating installation without any messy tear outs.

We do the installation by hand, from beginning to end, so you’ll not only be able to avoid disruption to your home but you’ll be getting a level of craftsmanship that is rare in this industry. This adds to the overall quality of the final product, which also helps extend the life of your concrete surfaces. Carvestone can be installed on nearly any surface around the home, including driveways, walkways, gardens, patios and even pool deck resurfacing. You’ll increase your home’s curb appeal as well as its actual value with a Carvestone installation.


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