For Surface Area Renovations Carverstone Concrete Overlay Is The Solution

There are some beautiful solutions for surface area renovations available, whether for residential or commercial application. At Allied Outdoor Solutions we offer perhaps the most beautiful and durable concrete overlay on the market. We use a method developed in Europe to renovate old buildings back to their former glory. It is a process known as Carverstone. It is a specifically designed blend of cement and minerals that can be applied to most surfaces. It looks exactly like real stone, it has twice the strength of standard concrete, and it is competitively priced. It will transform your commercial or residential property with an elegant look and lush appeal.

Our professionals apply the concrete coating with all the care that they would to a work of art. We hand carve, color, and grout the job to any client required specification. There is no invasive construction involved, and no used concrete to haul away. This makes it an application that is both green and cost effective. In today’s economy anything that is cost effective is welcome. At Allied Outdoor Solutions we are committed to providing the best possible solutions, at the best possible prices.

Please feel free to call us if you have any specific questions about how a concrete overlay can improve the surface areas around your business or home. We feel that if you compare our products to others there will only be one solution that you pick. Carverstone is a proven, effective, and competitively priced option for enhancing value and curb appeal.

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