For Concrete Resurfacing Houston Homeowners Can Trust To Last A Long Time, Choose Carvestone

Carvestone is now the method of concrete resurfacing Houston homeowners are choosing instead of the once commonly used alternatives such as stamped concrete. Carvestone is a unique limestone mix that was originally developed in Europe. It was applied to historic buildings during restoration projects because it offers a high level of protection as well as an authentic real stone look that is hard to find.

Because of the 5800 PSI rating, which doubles the strength of unprotected concrete, and the fact that the real stone look can be achieved without the typically high costs, Carvestone is now used frequently as a method of home improvement. While stamped concrete formerly represented the best option for concrete resurfacing Houston homeowners could choose from, that was despite the fact that it has a 3500 PSI rating and as a result, only protects exterior concrete surfaces for a short amount of time. Once they begin to show wear and tear, these stamped concrete surfaces will need repair. This adds additional expenses, erasing any savings that might have been had during the initial installation.

Allied Outdoor Solutions is the local installer of Carvestone concrete resurfacing and we’ve completed thousands of jobs in the area. Together with the homeowners we create a one of a kind design so that it matches their home. We install Carvestone by hand with no messy tear outs, so unlike some scenarios, this isn’t the kind of home improvement project that will be disruptive to your home life.