Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Pavers as Houston Walkways

[Posted on June 17th 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Pavers offer a convenient, easy, beautiful, long-lasting way to enhance your home, whether you’re looking for a tree-lined walkway, quaint garden path, spacious patio area or even a driveway. Whatever your vision is, make it come to life with Houston Pavers. Incorporating pavers into your home’s decor is a smart move that will provide you with years of long-lasting beauty.

Benefits of Pavers

Houston pavers are known for being durable, attractive and versatile, available in virtually any material, such as stone, slate and concrete. Thanks to their depth and ability to mimic expensive natural stones, pavers are a perfect choice for driveways, patios walkways, garden areas and pool decks. Using pavers to enhance the beauty and function of your landscape provides a unique look to any space. Whether you like a uniform appearance for your front walkway or a more natural, rugged look for a garden pathway, pavers will last the test of time.

Why Pavers?

Pavers offer an attractive element to your overall landscape design, constructed from concrete, stone and brick. Similarly, composite pavers are created from recycled materials like tires. Their versatility allows them to be molded in virtually any pattern, such as cobblestone or flagstone. They’re not boring, either. You can have them dyed in any color you want, to fit the style of your home and surrounding yard. Natural hues and tones blend in best, whether you’re looking to install a pool deck or a walkway. Although they are DIY-friendly, it’s wise to hire a professional to install these landscaping materials in the most uniform way, especially if you’ve got an intricate geometric pattern in mind.

Pavers increase your comfort when walking on pathways, plus they provide a firm, stable area on which to place patio furniture, for example. There are countless shapes, sizes, designs and colors to select from, whether you’re going for a cobblestone look or a sleek, modern look. Pavers provide a natural slip resistance to your pool decking so that when wet, it won’t pose a fall risk for excited running kids. No need to stick with boring squares or rectangles–there are so many other sizes available, from circles to octagons and everything in between. Use pavers to mimic the look of anything from bluestone and granite to travertine and even marble. Why spend lots of money on those original natural stones? Go with pavers for a more affordable, long-lasting option.

Wondrous Walkways

Beauty is in the details, so why skimp on your walkways? These can make or break the entire look of your yard, so paying attention to the little things is key. A great walkway will brighten up your home, welcome guests, increase curb appeal and improve the layout and function of your landscape. If you’ve got cracked, broken, overgrown or irregular walkways, it’s time to remedy that with a new walkway boasting clean lines and bold patterns. Incorporate stylish concrete walkways to define borders and offer a clear pathway to your front door, garden oasis, pool area or guesthouse. It’s easy to add a touch of elegance to your landscape with concrete pavers, which last for decades for your peace of mind.