Find Inspiration for Your Houston Home with Flagstone Examples from Across the World

[Posted on November 4th , 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Flagstone is a timeless, beautiful material that’s appropriate for any home. It’s resistant to sun damage, and it can handle the rain in addition to other inclement weather. In addition to being perfect for outdoor use, it can also be brought into the interior of a home in a variety of ways. People looking for inspiration for their dream homes can turn to historic structures to find what they need to transform their home with elegant flagstone in Houston.

The Alamo
Historians believe that the floor of the original Alamo mission in Texas was lined with flagstone. This is significant because the Alamo was meant to be an active mission. It was originally a combination of an industrial trade school and religious facility for Native Americans. It housed workrooms, storage areas, Native American housing, the priests’ quarters and even a granary. It needed flooring that was durable and could withstand regular traffic. The designers worked with flagstone in Houston to create an attractive look that was durable enough to handle the daily traffic and use.

Rio Blanco County Courthouse

The two-story courthouse in Colorado is an impressive sight that’s still used for public service. The exterior of the building is red flagstone, and it certainly looks impressive without being foreboding. The flagstone adds more dimension than brick, and the color is consistent across the façade. While flagstone is usually chosen as a flooring material, this building serves as a reminder that it also makes an attractive wall covering.

Lindisfarne Castle

The durability of flagstone is perhaps seen most clearly in the English countryside. Lindisfarne Castle is a surviving relic of the dark ages, and it’s proof that flagstone is incredibly durable and functional. The flagstone floors of this castle date back to the 16th century, and people still walk on those same floors today.

Muchalls Castle Kitchen

The kitchen in Muchalls Castle of Scotland is made with flagstone, and the flooring is still intact today. Flagstone is not prone to damage from heat or water, so that made it an excellent choice for a busy kitchen of the 14th century. Today, it’s one of the top choices of outdoor kitchens all around the country.

The Town of Stone

There are even famous towns that have embraced the use of flagstone. In 1893, the town of Ash Fork suffered a serious fire that destroyed most buildings and essentially leveled the town. Afterwards, the town was rebuilt in a nearby area. The stone industry was a key component of the town, and designers embraced the use of stone for the new town. With so much flagstone being incorporated into the town’s structure, the town soon earned the nickname of “Flagstone Capital of the World.”

There are countless ways to use flagstone around a property. It can be used in the construction of a waterfall to add visual appeal and the relaxing sound of running water. Property owners can work flagstone into outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living spaces. It can also be installed on the floor of a front foyer for a durable finish that will stand up to the regular use of a busy family. Flagstone can last for centuries, and it’s an attractive addition to any modern home.