Elevate Your Houston Home’s Profile with Stamped Concrete

[Posted on April 16th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Stamped concrete is concrete that has been patterned and textured to give the appearance of various materials such as tile, wood, brick, and slate. When people think about concrete, they tend to think of that bland and uninviting surface used for sidewalks, but stamped concrete has a plethora of uses in a house. Here are the many benefits of having stamped concrete in your Houston, Texas, home.


Because concrete can be sanded down, polished, and stamped, concrete surfaces can take the place of any other hard surfaces you have or were considering having installed. Stamped concrete is an elegant and extremely practical option for indoor and outdoor flooring, kitchen and bathroom counters, and even walls.


When you choose to have a stamped concrete surface in your Houston home, there are endless looks you may achieve with various application techniques and color stains. You can even have different sealers applied. For example, acrylic sealers can give your concrete surface a shinier look while silicone sealers provide a more matte appearance. With the different stamping techniques, stamped concrete can resemble a surface you have your heart set on (such as hardwood floors) while providing a plethora of other benefits.

Easy Maintenance

Imagine never having to go through the tedious task of cleaning grout or polishing a wood floor again! In order to keep stamped concrete surfaces in excellent condition, a weekly mopping with soapy water is all that is required.


If a stamped concrete surface has been properly polished, it can last over one hundred years. Since concrete cannot be stained or damaged by flooding, it will retain its initial appearance for a lifetime. The durability of concrete surfaces will also appeal to potential buyers if you want to sell your Houston home later down the road.


Stamped concrete is one of the most affordable surfaces that you can incorporate into your home. Not only is its initial installation cost low when compared to other popular surfaces, it is very unlikely that it will ever need replacing. Stamped concrete surfaces will not require expensive care nor is it necessary to purchase any special cleaning products for them.


Especially when we choose a stamped concrete surface for flooring in your Houston home, we are working with the already existing slab of concrete that serves as a foundation for other flooring surfaces such as carpet or hardwood. Working with the existing slab of concrete and not bringing in excess materials lessens the need to utilize important commodities. Furthermore, installing these excess materials often leaves plenty of scraps behind that end up getting thrown out. Stamping existing concrete surfaces does not leave these waste materials behind as they may be recycled.

Energy Savings

When using stamped concrete for larger surfaces, such as for floors and walls, you have the advantage of great insulation and plenty of energy savings when it comes to heating and cooling. The insulating properties that concrete provides helps your home to feel cooler in the summer. Your home is also kept warmer in the winter, since concrete surfaces absorb heat from the sun in the colder months. This makes stamped concrete surfaces in your home better for the earth and better for your wallet.

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