Due To The Drawbacks Of Stamped Concrete Houston Homeowners Are Choosing Carvestone

Stamped concrete has been a commonly used method of concrete coating for years. Homeowners are led to believe that it’s the most effective way of protecting exterior concrete surfaces from the damage and wear that comes from being exposed to the elements year round. While stamped concrete has numerous drawbacks, it is still frequently used by people who are unaware of these drawbacks or that there’s another, superior option available.

Instead of choosing stamped concrete Houston homeowners have begun turning to Carvestone concrete coating as installed by Allied Outdoor Solutions. We do all of our work by hand, which means every step of installation including troweling, texturing and grouting is handled by skilled technicians that have completed numerous Carvestone installations. The hand installed method also allows for custom texturing that can make for better traction when wet, a great option for driveways and pool deck resurfacing.

While in some cases stamped concrete does result in a cheaper initial installation, the truth is, it won’t take long before you start considering repair or reinstallation. Stamped concrete simply doesn’t last as long as Carvestone, which has been known to last up to 10 years in some cases. Carvestone remains looking new long after installation, so it’s a great investment for homeowners that may be looking to sell in the future. A Carvestone driveway greatly increases the curb appeal of a home. When you want that real stone look without the real stone price, Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions is really the only option.

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