Don’t Bother With The Other Concrete Coatings Houston Residents Utilize, Go With Carvestone

When you research the different concrete coatings Houston area homeowners have to choose from, you’ll discover that there isn’t anything out there than can compare to Carvestone. Carvestone is a form of concrete overlay that was originally used in Europe for the purposes of restoring historic buildings. It was effective at this because not only does it possess a PSI rating of 5800 but it actually contains limestone, giving it a real stone look that other types of concrete coatings don’t.

That real stone look is something many people would like to have but the cost of having real stone doesn’t make it feasible for most. With Carvestone by Allied Outdoor Solutions, you can have that look without the exorbitant prices. For some, achieving this look alone would be enough to make Carvestone worthwhile but the fact that it also protects better than any other concrete coatings Houston homeowner have available to them makes it all the more valuable.

Any exterior concrete surfaces you have will benefit from a Carvestone installation from Allied Outdoor Solutions, including driveways, walkways, patios and even pool deck resurfacing. Our work is done by hand, so we carefully monitor each step of the process to ensure it meets the standard of excellence we’ve come to be known for and we do it all with no messy tear outs. And unlike some, Carvestone isn’t a cookie cutter concrete overlay. Each Carvestone project we install is based on a design we customize for each specific home so that it fits seamlessly with the existing look of your home.


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