Discover The Process That Is Quickly Replacing Stamped Concrete

Homeowners in the city of Houston often have to deal with their outdoor living spaces not holding up to the harsh and sometimes extreme weather conditions that we deal with all year long. Without the proper protection, these conditions combined with time result in cracked and damaged patios, driveways, pool decks and other other outside living areas. Not only is unpleasant to look at, it can make it uncomfortable, even dangerous, to be around and drastically reduce the value of your home.

The best option for homeowners in the Houston area is Carvestone concrete coating provided by Allied Outdoor Solutions. With this unique process, your concrete outdoor living areas will look as if they’re made out of real stone and immediately look better but beyond that, this concrete overlay offers up to a 5800 PSI rating, making it much stronger than other options such as stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete was once a popular choice among homeowners as it was thought to offer long term protection of outdoor concrete but in recent years, the industry opinion on stamped concrete has changed. The Carvestone concrete overlay done by Allied Outdoor solutions is done by hand and doesn’t require disrupting and messy tear outs like stamped concrete. Each job we do is customized specifically to the home and the homeowners. We take into account the look and feel that you want for your outdoor living area and then tailor our work to meet your requests. We want the finished product to be even better than you imagined.


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