Discover The Concrete Overlay Houston Homeowners Are Raving About

There’s no other concrete overlay Houston homeowners can choose from that offers the full range of benefits that Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions provides. First and foremost, we can install a Carvestone concrete overlay at your home with no messy tear outs. That alone is enough to get the attention of any homeowner that has suffered through a disruptive home improvement project.

While in those cases the finished product may ultimately be worth it, it’s undeniable that your home life is turned upside down during that process. This is the exact opposite of what happens when Allied Outdoor Solutions installs Carvestone. We do all of the work by hand; each and every step. Even in the middle of the project, it won’t look as if your home is being torn apart. We’ve expertly installed over 2000 Carvestone projects, so we know what we’re doing and we’re able to do it efficiently while still maintaining a level of craftsmanship that you’ll appreciate long after we’re gone.

Our hand installation is complemented by the fact that we create a custom design that will match your home. This is something few are able to do but it’s something we’re very proud to offer. We see Carvestone concrete coating as a home improvement, not as some addition to the home. This means that when it’s done, it will certainly be a noticeable change but it won’t be something that clearly wasn’t part of the original design. Our Carvestone installations seamlessly integrate these new elements into the look of your home, enhancing it.


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