Design your New Patio Reusing Your Old Concrete Surface as your Canvas

Written by: Ashley Aguirre

Do you have a patio that looks bland and boring or is stained and cracked? Imagine what you would like it to look like, and your ideas can become reality. Think about the pattern and colors you might choose for a new surface. Looking at photos of completed projects can give you a starting point. Turn your preferred design into reality with Carvestone concrete overlay, which provides nearly ½ inch of durable, new overlay that can be patterned and stained to your specifications. If you like, a realist stone appearance can be achieved. This will become the canvas upon which you present your outdoor lighting, furnishings, landscaping and even fire pit elements, to create a total outdoor recreation area that you can enjoy with others.

Landscape architecture software can help you put the look together, or you can build a scaled model out of cardboard and any other material that works, with components cut to size with a box cutter and assembled with a hot glue gun. With a bit of paint, you can get an idea of how your finished project might look. Feel free to experiment until you are completely satisfied with the result. Your custom Carvestone concrete overlay surface will be easy to maintain and requires only annual spray sealing and occasional power washing.

Concrete is so durable that the Pantheon in Rome, built with concrete in the first century still stands today. Create a beautiful outdoor environment, while responsibly reusing your existing concrete areas.

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