Decorative Concrete Will Enhance Any Houston Home

[Posted on July 23rd, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Decorative concrete in Houston is designed to look like other materials. It can mimic natural stone, brick pavers, random stone patterns and even falling leaves. Available in many beautiful shades, the finished concrete is a lovely addition to any home. There are many benefits to choosing this material for the outdoor living spaces around a home, and the increased property value is only a small part of it.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike wood that has to be sanded and stained, or pavers that need to be patrolled for weeds, Decorative concrete in Houston takes very little maintenance. It doesn’t settle, and the grass won’t grow up through the decorative recesses. Easily cleaned with a hose or broom, the concrete just needs to be sealed every few years to protect it.

Lower Installation Costs

Hauling pavers and natural stone tiles increases the cost of installation, but stamped concrete is actually more cost-effective. It has lower labor costs, and that helps keep the overall expense down. It also requires a lower investment over the coming years because it takes less maintenance. Concrete in general is a more affordable material than most natural stones or pavers, which brings the overall costs down to more attractive levels.

Durability Adds Value

People appreciate stamped concrete for its durability. It’s made to last and can withstand regular use and even severe weather. Freezing temperatures won’t damage the finish, and hot weather during the summer won’t pose a problem. Appropriate for pool decks, patios, porches and driveways, it can be used all around the home to create stable, durable surfaces that are ready for use almost immediately.

Colors and Patterns

With stamped concrete, people can enjoy a fresh new look without the increased expense. If a home would benefit from the addition of Spanish tile on the patio, then the owners can invest in the look of the tile at a fraction of the price with concrete. Custom colored to create almost any shade, the concrete can mimic a wide range of looks. This allows homeowners to have the look of travertine tiles on the front porch while finishing off the patio with a beautiful marble look. They can have the appearance of pavers on the pool deck, and bring the random lines of nature into the garden walkways with leaf imprints.

A Luxurious Look

Different building materials are used to create unique looks and improve homes. However, materials like marble, granite, pavers and other stones will drive up the construction costs considerably. While a driveway made of stone pavers looks incredible, it also carries a high price tag. With stamped concrete, individuals can have all of these luxurious looks without the expense. This luxurious look will add value to the home for years to come.

Decorative concrete is one of the top choices for home owners trying to improve their homes. The color choices and variety of patterns makes stamped concrete an incredibly popular choice. It’s more affordable than other options in addition to being highly durable. This makes it one of the most cost-effective choices to increase the value of any home.

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