Concrete Patios: The Final Addition for Houston Homes

[Posted on March 12th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre Teekell]

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Your backyard patio says a lot about your style, family, hobbies and interests. With winter being the perfect time to install a concrete patio in your Houston home, it’s never been a better time to explore the options available to you. The benefits of concrete are many; with versatility, durability and affordability being the main reasons why concrete is a smart choice for Houston-area homeowners.

Why Concrete?

With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s important to start planning your concrete patio in Houston now. Concrete is more affordable than other materials such as natural stone or brick. Because it can be poured in slabs on-site, you have the ability to add in a little color to really make a statement. However, you should always hire a professional home improvement company skilled in concrete perform this installation.

Custom Patterns

Another benefit of concrete is that you are able to make a pattern on your patio, whether you prefer circles, squares, geometric patterns or star bursts. You can even mix and match the sizes and shapes you use. A testament to concrete’s versatility is its ability to be resurfaced over time. If you’ve had your concrete patio for many years and are starting to see stains or small hairline cracks, you can get it resurfaced in any color or stamp you want.


Concrete patios are perfect for that Houston heat, as it’s much more tolerable of the sun than other surfaces like asphalt. Concrete, although it can experience some cracking over its lifetime, is more durable and heat resistant than other alternatives. Concrete is ideal for warm climates because these locales aren’t subjected to the extreme freeze/thaw cycles as states in the northern area of the country. The freeze/thaw cycles that are common in cooler climates are what cause concrete to warp, bulge, crack and pit your patio surface quickly.


With concrete, you can also add texture so it is not completely smooth, providing a slip-proof area that’s essential, especially if your patio is located near or around a pool area. It can be dangerous to have children running around a wet pool deck when the surface is smooth and slippery. Easily add texture in the form of swirls or some other pattern coupled with the use of aggregates so that you can have peace of mind during days spent by the pool.

Low Maintenance

Concrete does not require a great deal of maintenance. Simply spray liquids that spill on the surface to avoid the potential for staining. You may have to seal your concrete every couple of years depending on the type you have; this is especially true of stamped concrete. These seals and coatings can help protect it from exposure to sun, heat, cold, rain, mold or mildew.

When considering a concrete patio for your front or back yard, consider the low cost, durability, heat resistance, versatility and texture, which can combine to give you a long-lasting patio surface.