Can Your Concrete Houston Withstand the Wear and Tears of Cars?

[Posted on March 4th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]


One of the most significant factors that can affect the overall look of a home’s exterior is its condition. Of course, the condition of the structure itself is important, but factors like a tilted, slanted or cracked driveway can also cause a home’s exterior to look lower in quality. While the driveway may appear to be in great condition now, you may be wondering if it was built to withstand the wear and tear that you, Mother Nature or other elements will inflict on it over time.

Common Factors that Cause Concrete Damage

Concrete may easily become stained with everything from motor oil and other fluids from your cars to mildew and vegetation. However, these stains may easily be washed away with a power washer. More significant damage to the concrete may be caused by factors related to heavy cars being parked on them or driven across them, the natural expansion and shrinkage of the material with temperature fluctuations, movement from soil settlement or tree root growth and other factors. The fact is that some damage to a Houston concrete driveway may occur naturally over time, but when a driveway is poorly constructed, significant damage may occur over a short period of time. Repairing this damage can be costly, so taking steps to prevent damage is important. Ensuring quality installation of your concrete driveway is one of the best preventive steps that you can take.

Is Your Concrete Driveway Well-Constructed?

In order to withstand the weight of vehicles, pressure from ground settlement and other factors, a concrete driveway must be well-constructed. One method that expert concrete installers will use in the Houston area to prevent cracks and other types of damage from occurring is to install adequate jointing features when the concrete is poured. In addition, adequate support structures must be laid near the surface of the concrete to minimize cracking and to ensure that the concrete can withstand the pressure of weight on it. As a final note, concrete should also be poured with adequate depth and with the right consistency. Concrete that is too shallow in depth or that is too watery when poured may be more likely to crack.

Finding a Great Concrete Installer in Houston

As you can see, the durability of your Houston concrete driveway is largely determined by the techniques and skills that were utilized when pouring it. Those who want to enjoy the longest-lasting results from their driveway will make the decision to interview their concrete installer carefully. It is wise to speak with an installer about the techniques that will be used to ensure durability. Selecting an installer with a proven reputation and a great rating with the Better Business Bureau may be wise. Inspecting the work of projects that the installer has completed is also a great idea. In addition to simply driving by homes to inspect the driveways, ask the installer what dates the work was completed. If time is limited, only visit the homes where work was completed several years ago or more. This will give insight as to the longevity of your future driveway.

Concrete installation and concrete repairs can be expensive. While all concrete may eventually crack and require repair over time, factors like the techniques in which it was laid and the quality of concrete used for the installation will affect its overall durability and longevity on your property. You can enjoy the best results from a concrete installation or repair project when you make an effort to find an installer who utilizes the best techniques and materials possible.


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