The Top Concrete Houston Trends for 2013

[Posted on Jan 23, 2013  by Ashley Aguirre]

Home and business owners in Houston have discovered the many uses of concrete. Technological advances have taken concrete from being a gray, drab, strictly utilitarian material to a material that can be as beautiful as the most exotic stone or tile. Here are some ways that Concrete Houston is helping home and business owners beautify their properties.


Patios can now have beautiful concrete floors. The concrete can be stamped with different patterns that resemble expensive stone or ceramic tile. Concrete Houston patio floors can also have a rock salt finish, which gives it a pleasing texture and also makes it skid resistant. This is ideal not only for patios but for pool surrounds. The look is of a weathered and lightly pitted rock. The floor of the patio can also have an exposed aggregate surface. This is when the concrete is poured and its skin is removed, which reveals the aggregate beneath. This is also good for pool surrounds, walkways and other places that get a lot of traffic.


Concrete has been used for driveways for a long time, but now it doesn’t need to be drab. Like patios, the concrete can be salt finished, have exposed aggregate or be stamped. The concrete driveway can also be stained or engraved to give the property great curb appeal. Among the more popular stamped patterns are cobblestone, English Yorkstone, fractured slate, fractured earth, ashlar and riverstone. They can be stamped in interlocking or European fan patterns or a pattern called embossing skin.

Pool Surrounds

Concrete can make a pool even more inviting than usual. The concrete laid around pool decks can be colored or stenciled and can be laid down in pavers. These pavers are long lasting and resist both salt and slips. Even chlorine won’t mar the colors. The customer can choose from a great variety of paver sizes and shapes. The other advantage of pool pavers is that they can be replaced individually if they break or crack. The spaces between them are filled with polymer sands that resists erosion.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are just that. They not only have barbecue grills but sinks, preparation areas, bars and storage. Countertops can not only be made out of concrete Houston but can be embedded with glass and very trendy fiber optics. These fiber optics can be cast right into the concrete and light up the counter for an unforgettable nighttime outdoor party.

Indoor Floors

In the past, many people wouldn’t consider having a concrete floor unless it was covered up with something else. But now concrete can stand on its own. Interior concrete floors can be dyed and stained a great variety of colors. They can be painted and stenciled and polished to a high, glassy shine. Concrete floors are great in the kitchen, the bathroom and of course the garage. Concrete flooring can also be used in commercial buildings like stores and restaurants.

Concrete Counters

Concrete counter tops can also be used in the kitchen and in the bathroom and can be made to resemble stone like granite or marble. Unlike any other material, concrete counter tops can have decorative or useful objects embedded in them, like trivets to hold hot pots and pans, beach pebbles, shells or glass.

Consider concrete for not only it’s lasting durability, but its aesthetic value. Versatile in both stye and functionality, concrete can give a modern look to your home.

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