A Concrete Driveway Will Complete Your Houston Home

[Posted on June 19th 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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A concrete driveway in Houston in many ways completes a home. A driveway gives access to your garage or side door, and most homes find that the driveway sees more traffic than any other outdoor area of the entire property. Unloading groceries, playing pickup basketball games and hopscotch, and staging lawn maintenance equipment are all likely activities for the driveway. Further, driveways provide parking for more vehicles as your family continues to grow or as you invite friends to come and visit you.

Since a concrete driveway in Houston plays such an integral role in home life, it should be constructed of sturdy, long-lasting and good-looking material. With the help of a concrete mason or contractor, you can create a beautiful and durable addition to your home in the form of a concrete driveway.

How Is A Concrete Driveway Created?

Before pouring concrete for a driveway, a homeowner must make several decisions. Once in place, it is difficult to move a concrete driveway, so it is very important for homeowners to have a good idea of how they want the driveway to look and where they want curves, straightaways and parking pads.

There are an infinite number of possibilities for concrete driveway configurations, and a consultation with a professional driveway installer can help you determine the best way to plan your driveway. You should take into consideration subsoil types and surfaces for the best results as well as root patterns of surrounding trees, the number of cars you plan to park in the driveway and how you approach your garage or car port.

A concrete driveway is staked out in the configuration you determine, the soil is then excavated to the proper depth. The bed is prepared with an underlayment of gravel and the sides are staked with boards to create an edge. Joints are also created to allow for expansion and contraction due to weather. The concrete is poured and smoothed then allowed to cure. Once it drives, the finished product is smooth, durable and sturdy.

What Are My Options for A Concrete Driveway?

Today’s concrete driveways do not have to be a boring gray as in the past. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures and options that personalize and individualize the driveway to make it an integral part of the home’s décor. Some of the options available are:

Colored Concrete

Concrete can be colored to almost any shade or tint, and colors can be swirled, matched or patterned in almost any configuration for a unique look.
Stamped Concrete

New techniques allow concrete pourers to stamp then color sections of concrete with patterns that look like brick, stone or any other substance. The results of stamped concrete are often nearly identical to the substances they imitate; so many homeowners choose stamped concrete over more expensive brick or stone pavers.

Coating Options

There are a wide variety of epoxy and polyurea coatings that protect concrete from water, weather, organic matter and other corrosives. Driveways can now be coated to last longer than ever.

Concrete driveways are a valuable addition to any home. With careful planning, the driveway can become an integral part of any Houston home.