Concrete Contractors in Houston Can Get Your Home Ready for Summer

[Posted on June 5th 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Concrete contractors in Houston provide a wide range of practical and decorative concrete surfaces that can improve the appearance of your home and help you prepare for summer guests, pool parties and outdoor entertaining.

Impressive Entrances

The driveway is the first thing that guests see when approaching your home. A driveway installed by concrete contractors in Houston can personalize the look of your home and help make a great first impression on neighbors and visitors. Addition of color to a concrete driveway, parking pad or front walkway allows these surfaces to be tailored to complement any paint scheme, exterior finish or architectural style. In addition to a traditional smooth-planed concrete finish, stamps can be used to create a patterned effect that, when combined with the application of coloring, give the appearance of a natural stone or brick surface. Most driveway projects can be completed in less than a week and require minimal long-term maintenance to preserve the original look.

Summer Pool Prep

Summertime is pool time in Texas. By utilizing a range of textures, colors and patterns, Houston Concrete can improve the appearance of any pool. Houston Concrete specializes in installing concrete decks that beautify the pool area itself while at the same time blending seamlessly with both the exterior décor of the home or pool house and the natural beauty of the surrounding lawn or garden. Application of concrete sealant to protect the surface from pool chemicals, rainfall and the effects of the sun can extend the life of a concrete pool surround and keep it beautiful for years of enjoyment. The deck surrounding a pool not only enhances the appearance, the right poolside surface can contribute to the safety of your family and guests. Concrete that becomes slick when wet or that has a deteriorating; uneven surface can lead to trips and falls which are made more dangerous by the presence of a swimming pool. A new stamped concrete surface by Houston Concrete can help prevent slips and poolside accidents.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

Concrete surfaces are not just reserved for driveways and pool areas. The variety of concrete products offered by Houston Concrete can beautify any outdoor living space. Patios, decks, terraces, barbeques and outdoor kitchens can all be improved with colored or stamped concrete. Concrete walkways that provide an attractive connection or transition between outdoor areas can afford ease of movement and increased space for guests and outdoor entertaining. Beautiful and functional concrete surfaces are especially important for people with mobility issues to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

When properly installed and maintained, a concrete surface can last for decades. Houston Concrete has been an established presence in Houston for nearly 25 years and has extensive knowledge of the soil types, native terrain and climate that exist in the Houston area, all of which can have an effect on the installation and lifespan of an outdoor concrete surface. The professional installers at Houston Concrete are experienced in working with homeowners to finish every project on time and in a manner that meets or exceed expectations. With most projects requiring just one to five days to complete, it’s not too late to get your home ready for summer with Houston Concrete.