Concrete Contractors of Houston Can Incorporate Cracks Into New Concrete Designs

[Posted on 18 Mar 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Many homeowners overlook cracks on their concrete patios, walkways, sidewalks and driveways for months or even years. They believe that in order to fix the concrete, the material must be completely removed and replaced with new concrete. This can be a major and often costly undertaking, so it is understandable why some Houston area homeowners may not be motivated to repair their cracked concrete. At one time, it was indeed true that the only way to fix severely cracked concrete was to replace it, but this is no longer the case. When you work with skilled concrete contractors Houston, you can easily incorporate those cracks into a stylish, beautiful concrete design or conceal them with decorative concrete.

Different Techniques

If you have been looking for a great way to improve the exterior look of your home without completely removing the old, damaged concrete on patios, driveways and other surfaces, you may consider how advanced design techniques from Concrete Contractors Houston can either conceal or incorporate the crack. This can be a cost saving and time saving option. One option to consider is to resurface the entire concrete area with a polymer overlay. There are various color options available, and this can provide you with the ability to create the desired look with ease. The cracks may be filled before the overlay is applied, or a pattern with stencils, stamps or other engraving techniques may be employed to create a gorgeous new look.

Explore Design Ideas

If you have not taken time to review advancements in concrete design in recent years, you may be surprised at the innovative design ideas that may be incorporated into your space with relative ease. Concrete may now be installed that looks like wood, marble or other materials. You may think that the concrete must be decorated and designed at the time when it is freshly poured. While this is one option, the other option is to use an overlay material over existing concrete. You may have a considerable number of design options available, and they may be incorporated in such a way that the damaged surface of your Houston concrete can easily be repaired or concealed.

Talk to a Design Professional

While you can get some great ideas for concrete design by exploring the Internet and looking through home improvement magazines, you may also consider talking to a few Houston concrete installers. Some installers who do not make use of the latest design techniques or who are not specialists in decorative concrete installation projects may tell you that it is best to take out the old concrete and start from scratch. If the concrete is severely damaged, this may actually true. However, many cracks that appear to be significant in length, width or depth can be filled or concealed when the right techniques and materials are used. In addition, concrete that is cracked in multiple places can be transformed into a vision of designer beauty with the use of advanced techniques and new materials that are now available.

As a homeowner, you want to take all possible steps to improve the look of your home. While tearing out the entire patio, driveway or other concrete features and replacing them with new concrete may not be ideal, adding a decorative overlay may be more suitable and affordable. Take time to research new concrete design in more detail, and contact a concrete installer to get a customized quote.

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