Concrete Contractors Can Effectively Revitalize Your Houston Home

[Posted on September 18th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre Teekell]

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  Concrete has been used as a construction material for thousands of years due to its great strength and versatility. Almost every home can benefit from a professional upgrade employing this simple material made from a mixture of cement, aggregate and water. To increase visual appeal, concrete can be colored, stamped, or formed into whimsical shapes to create attention-grabbing outdoor surfaces instead of uninteresting straight lines and right angles. Read on to discover the many ways that your home can be improved with concrete contractors in Houston.  

Patios and Decks
An outdoor patio became a standard home feature in the 1950s, and patios continue to be popular today. Thanks to its natural water resistance, concrete is a great choice for a patio and can also be used to create a stylish pool deck. In contrast to the plain, unadorned concrete of yesteryear, concrete patios and pool decks are now embellished with colored concrete, attractive stamping and carved motifs to suit the tastes of every homeowner. Any of these designs can be carried out by trusted concrete contractors in Houston.  
Improved Walkways
The addition of a concrete walkway approaching a home has many benefits. The home stays cleaner because less dirt is tracked inside, and there is a reduced likelihood of trips and falls with a solid, consistent walking surface. Concrete walkways are not only great for the front of a home; when installed in a back or side yard walkways provide a safe way for family members and guests to enjoy all areas of a property.  
Driveway Update
Every home needs a good driveway to greet guests as they drive up. Driveways that are currently unpaved or that are showing the effects of age can be spruced up by paving or repaving with new concrete. Concrete is an excellent choice for driveway paving because, unlike asphalt, it does not emit volatile organic compounds during installation and will not overheat and deform in a hot climate. A concrete surface is also easier to maintain than gravel.  
Retaining Walls
Not every construction lot is level and flat. Some lots have steeply sloped areas and places where fill material may be needed. A concrete retaining wall helps keep soil where it belongs and can either be poured in place or laid in blocks. Retaining walls may also be used to form terraces for landscaping and gardening.  
Outdoor Entertaining
Enjoying the great outdoors in comfort and style is becoming increasingly popular. Outdoor kitchens, barbecues and seating areas all require an underlying pad, and concrete is ideal for use in these areas. Concrete is easy to keep clean and stands up well for years of outdoor enjoyment in all seasons.  
Concrete Resurfacing
Adding a concrete overlay to any type of concrete surface is a quick and easy way to improve structural integrity and renew the look of an existing surface. Overlaying is also much cheaper than demolishing and replacing a surface and requires less disruption and downtime than an entirely new concrete pad. The concrete overlay can also be decorated with coloring, stamping and other embellishments just like any other concrete.
Using Concrete Indoors
Concrete is usually considered to be an outdoor construction material, but it is increasingly being brought indoors. Concrete makes a durable countertop that can be enhanced with the use of colors and stains. Indoor concrete flooring is also becoming more popular with the use of stamps to give the impression of tile or stone. There are so many ways that concrete can be used to refresh and rejuvenate a home. Check out your options for a fast, easy home renewal project with a Houston concrete expert today.

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