Choose The Type Of Concrete Overlay That Offers Long Term Protection And Value For Your Home

Of the different types of concrete overlay that are used by homes in the Houston area, Carvestone continues to be the preferred method because of the numerous advantages it provides over the other types. The other forms of concrete overlay provide varying levels of protection but while some are seen as more affordable, it turns out they’re the the least effective methods yet still among the most popular, such as stamped concrete. Because these methods appear to cost less, many think they are a better option but in reality, they’re inferior protection means any short term savings are negated when repair or replacement is needed in just a few years.

Allied Outdoor Solutions installs Carvestone which will protect your pool decks, driveways, patios and other outdoor living spaces for much longer than stamped concrete or another concrete coating. Stamped concrete will increase the strength of your concrete surfaces, up to a 3500 PSI rating but when you choose the Carvestone concrete overlay from Allied Outdoor Solutions, you’ll get a 5800 PSI rating, double that of concrete alone.

This is of great interest to homeowners in Houston who know that the conditions and climate require construction that can withstand the elements all year long. The Carvestone concrete coating will last much longer than other options for driveways, patios and decks Houston homes often use. Allied Outdoor Solutions can install the Carvestone concrete coating on a new surface or one that needs to be repaired and all of the work is done by hand.


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