Choose Carvestone Concrete Coating for Your Houston Home

[Posted on October 8th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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If you have been thinking about redoing your existing concrete slab or patio and upgrading to a more sophisticated look, consider choosing Beautify Your Concrete’s Carvestone concrete coating in Houston for your home. The look of Carvestone gives the appearance of real stone without the upkeep and maintenance that real stone requires. The toughness and durability of concrete is added underneath the top layer of coating, giving it a thickness that won’t wear down or become brittle. Understanding how Carvestone can benefit your outdoor area or patio will help you decide that it’s the right choice for you.

Areas of Use

It’s a big decision to decide whether to tear up a concrete patio or walkway and replace with expensive paver bricks or stones slabs. There is a lot of labor and expense involved with laying real stone and it is prone to buckling and cracking if the foundation is not set properly. With Carvestone concrete coating in Houston, you can achieve the look of stone without having to replace the existing concrete.

There are several areas where you can spice up the look of your backyard. One popular location is the pool area. You can eliminate unsightly concrete and pea gravel and choose a stone pattern that matches your outdoor decor. The best part is Carvestone is cool to the touch and provides a very smooth finish to walk on—making it perfect for poolside. There is no need to rip out existing concrete and spend thousands of dollars replacing it. The coating allows our professionals to create a customized look and color that will highlight your outdoor living area. Other areas where Carvestone can be applied is on driveways, outdoor patios, walkways and garage floors. Custom designs can also be created on new or existing construction such as a pergola, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen and patio cover.

Design Options

Not only can a customized look be created by providing a permanent seal on top of your concrete, the element of geometric design can be added to help make your project stand out. Different ways to style a fabulous finish is to create a regular or irregular pattern on top of the concrete. Rectangles, oval-shapes, squares and triangles can help add interest to the outdoor area. It also creates a dynamic appearance against other natural elements such as water, grass, dirt, brick and stone. Adding hues of color can help the final design match the idea you have been looking for.

Long-Term Benefits

Carvestone is a welcome addition to your outdoor space. It can cover everything from existing tile, brick, pool coping, concrete and pea gravel. If your existing concrete has any type of cracks or unevenness, grout or epoxy repair can be used to create a permanent seal. Carvestone has a thick coating that resists cracking under pressure. It has a 6000 PSI rating, making it twice as strong as regular concrete—this makes it durable and dependable for many years to come. The special blend of minerals and cements makes Carvestone a green choice for your outdoor living area. Another long-term benefit is the design process. Because each project is hand carved, grouted and colored, no two projects are exactly alike. This means you will have a long-lasting piece of art on your property that will take on a life of its own. It is also possible to customize specific designs, initials and logos into your sidewalks or patios to give you the exact look to either blend in or stand out and make a statement.

Green, recycled and dependable outdoor living spaces are becoming the popular choice in hardscaping. Call Beautify Your Concrete today to schedule an appointment to discuss how to make your outdoor living area become a showstopper and the most beautiful place to come to home to. Beautify Your Concrete has the experience and tools necessary to complete almost any project you can dream up.