Soak Up Some Natural Beauty with a Rustic Outdoor Living Area

If you have a patio, it can be really pleasant to spend your evenings there, on a chair or a swing, sipping a glass of iced tea and reading a book. But in order to create this type of outdoor living area, you have to design it the right way. In addition to growing plants […]

Five Interesting Facts About Patios

Patios have become increasingly popular across America. Almost three out of five new houses have them. Common accessories include fire pits, barbecue grills and Adirondack chairs. To learn more about this appealing outdoor living trend, check out these facts: 1. Some of the most common surface materials include flagstone, brick, concrete, cobblestone and terracotta. The […]

Why You Should Invest In A Patio Cover

Your gorgeous patio is now finished and you love every square inch of it. However, now you have the great debate of whether or not you should have a patio cover installed. The answer to this question is a resounding yes! There are so many awesome benefits that come along with investing in a patio […]

3 Ways a Pool Deck Overlay Sells Your House Better Than a New Deck

The housing market in Texas keeps growing in demand. If you’ve been thinking about relocating or downsizing, now is the perfect time to sell. Find a few key features on your property that you can update to make your house even more appealing to homebuyers. Your pool is one of the features that can give […]

Don’t Regret Hosting Your Next Outdoor Get-Together

Don’t Regret Hosting Your Next Outdoor Get-Together   You’re hosting an outdoor party. The guests are starting to arrive, and you already have kids playing in the backyard pool. That means the first hour of your party is split into a tag-team effort of opening the door for staggered arrivals, keeping an eye on the […]

3 Ways Concrete Overlays Make Your Backyard More Cohesive

Pool deck and patio fashions change over time. But having matching improvements and features never goes out of style. If you have recently updated your pool deck to give it a more modern style, it might no longer match your patio. If you’ve recently expanded your patio or added a new concrete path in your […]

Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Concrete Overlay

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular in Texas. While the winters can still get a bit chilly, your backyard is a great place for parties and family dinners all year round. Whether you have a barbecue and an outdoor dining table or your outdoor kitchen has a full array of appliances and tools, don’t […]

3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your New Outdoor Living Area

If you’re transforming your backyard into the perfect outdoor living area for your family, don’t complete construction piece by piece. Instead, design the space to have all the elements you’re looking for so you can start relaxing in the backyard during all four seasons. One of the most important elements that’s often forgotten about is […]

What is Carvestone Concrete Overlay?

Carvestone is the market’s premier concrete overlay product. Its composition is uniquely created for Allied Outdoor Solutions and perfectly suited for our markets in both Texas and Arizona. It is composed of a specialized mixture of materials including limestone and quartz. While the mixture of aggregates and chemistry of the material is extremely important for […]

Why Pool Deck Resurfacing is Probably Your Best Option

If you think that you might need pool deck resurfacing, then you’re probably right. An old, worn out, or faded pool desk is definitely not pleasant to look at, and tearing it down altogether is rather expensive. Your best bet is to just have it resurfaced to easily and affordably bring it back to its […]