Carvestone Protects Houston Concrete Surfaces Better Than Any Other Method

Any Houston concrete surface is going to require some sort of protection or it will require constant repairs and upkeep. This is because the hot and humid summers combined with the rain and thunderstorms that we see in this area wreak havoc on unprotected concrete, leading to cracking and other forms of damage. It’s more common than you probably even recognize because you’re so used to it when it comes to roads, parking lots and side walks.

But damage of this kind also occurs with the concrete surrounding the exterior of your home and without the proper method of protection, you’ll find yourself with an unsightly and dangerous situation. That’s why Allied Outdoor Solutions and Carvestone are now the top Houston concrete coating solution. We’re able to increase the PSI rating of your concrete surfaces to 5800. That’s double unprotected concrete and much higher than stamped concrete, which was once considered the top of the line when it came to concrete coating.

At Allied Outdoor Solutions, we install a concrete overlay that will protect the driveway, patio or pool deck of your home for a decade or more. Not only will you increase the value of your home by upping your curb appeal, you’ll save money by not having to worry about the ongoing maintenance of your exterior concrete surfaces. This is the kind of long term savings you won’t find with another Houston concrete coating and it’s why you should contact Allied Outdoor Solutions today for more information.


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