Carvestone Is The Type Of Coating For Concrete Houston Homeowners Value Because There Are No Messy Tear Outs Process

One of the many benefits of choosing Allied Outdoor Solutions to install a Carvestone concrete overlay when compared to the other methods on the market today is that our crew will be able to do the  installation without disrupting your day to day life. Other concrete coating methods require the existing surfaces to be torn up, resulting in distracting construction work. Carvestone is carved, colored and grouted all by hand. The quality craftsmanship will be evident in the finished product and is often mistaken for the much more expensive stone surfaces that typically aren’t feasible.

Allied Outdoor Solutions has earned a reputation for installing Carvestone, which is the top of the line when it comes to protecting concrete Houston homeowners have available. With Carvestone you can make any area around the home, including a driveway, patio or pool area stand out from the finishes of other homes. Carvestone represents both a short term and a long term investment into the value of your home.

The Carvestone coating immediately enhances the area that where it’s been applied, giving it a distinct and hand-made feel that is impossible to replicate with stamped concrete. We’ve completed over 2000 Carvestone jobs at Allied Outdoor Solutions and we have a long list of satisfied customers. This has resulted in many of those homeowners contacting us again to do another section of their home because of how pleased they were with the initial job. As you look around at the different ways to protect your exterior concrete surfaces, you’ll find Carvestone to be the best.


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