Carvestone Is The Method Of Coating Decks Houston Residents Install When They Want A Safer Pool Area

With the temperatures beginning to rise at this point in the year, we all begin to think how we’ll be spending more time outdoors over the coming months. For many in the Houston area, that means spending time outside on the patio or around the pool. But if you’ve neglected these concrete surfaces by failing to install concrete overlay that will protect them from deterioration, then you might find yourself with not just an eye sore but also a safety hazard.

Having cracked and damaged concrete around the pool makes an already slippery when wet surface even more difficult to navigate. When Carvestone by Allied Outdoor Solutions has been installed to protect decks Houston homeowners not only get the added safety benefits it provides, they also get a concrete coating that looks much better than the alternatives. The hand texturing of the Carvestone makes it perfect for pool deck resurfacing because it provides improved traction.

Even those that choose to install stamped concrete or another type of concrete overlay concede that it is typically used for protection and not for aesthetic purposes. But not only is Carvestone’s PSI rating (5800) higher than stamped concrete (3500), Allied Outdoor Solutions creates a custom design for each project based on the specifications of the homeowners. This not only achieves a completely unique that matches the existing style of the home, but Carvestone actually looks like real stone and will fool most who see it, leading them to think you spent a lot more than you did.


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