Carvestone Is A Concrete Overlay Houston Homeowners For Longer Protection

Of the many different forms of concrete overlay Houston homeowners have to choose from when they want to repair or protect the exterior surfaces of their home, Carvestone by Allied Outdoor Solutions has now become the preferred method. Unlike spray on coatings or stamped concrete, Carvestone will provide protection for several years rather than begin to show the need for additional repair after just a few.

And when Allied Outdoor Solutions installs the Carvestone at your home, we’ll be able to do so with no messy tear outs, something that is required with most forms of home improvement. We’re dedicated to getting the job done quickly and doing so in a manner that doesn’t interrupt your life or make it difficult for you to live peacefully in your home. The strength of Carvestone is nearly twice that of concrete and with a 5800 PSI rating, much stronger than stamped concrete, which has a PSI rating of 3500.

Homes in this area need to be protected from the elements. The heat and humidity of the local climate puts a lot of stress on exterior concrete and without protection, it will become damaged and dangerous in no time. This especially a concern when talking about pool decks and patios because they’ll already be wet and any other safety risks just aren’t worth it. When Carvestone is used for pool deck resurfacing, not only does it give the area a real stone look, it does so without being as slick or slippery as some concrete coatings.