Have Beautiful and Safe Pool Deck with CarveStone Concrete Services in Houston

[Posted 16 Jan 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Concrete in Houston becomes exposed to the elements and chlorine water from your in-ground pool. It can begin to erode away, loosening the pea gravel that can hurt bare feet as you traverse the dangerous ground toward your pool. In time, it makes your pool area look ugly as it can prevent you and your family from truly enjoying the cool pool water on a hot day.

Tearing out the damaged concrete and placing in new concrete can be costly as you’ll eventually have to do it all over again in the near future. While you can lay done tile, wet feet can slip on the smooth surface to cause a person serious injuries. Textured tile can be costly and doesn’t guarantee that you will have safe footing when the tile gets wet from the pool water.

CarveStone coating can bring new beauty to your pool deck with a great finish that feels wonderful to bare feet and offers a slip-free surface. The coating can go directly over your existing concrete, pea gravel and tile as it gives your pool area a look of natural stone. You don’t have to worry about messy tear-outs as the CarveStone can go right over the existing surface.

When replacing your concrete in Houston, ensure you have all grading issues addressed so water does not come in contact with your home’s foundation. Also, determine whether the condition of the concrete is good enough to handle this application.

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