Why You Need Carvestone for Your Next Concrete Overlay in Houston

[Posted on June 5th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Carvestone is a unique paving material that can be placed on top of a new or existing concrete surface. The strength, durability and limitless design possibilities of Carvestone make it a logical choice for improving the appearance of any driveway, front walk, patio or deck. Read on to find out about the many benefits of using Carvestone concrete overlay in Houston.

What is Carvestone?
Carvestone is a product that is designed to overlay a concrete, gravel, brick or tile surface. Carvestone is applied with a trowel to an average thickness of just less than half an inch. Made of a patented mixture of minerals and cementing agents, a finished Carvestone surface will emulate the look of natural stone or slate. A Carvestone surface can also be enhanced by the addition of colors, geometric designs or irregular patterns. Carvestone is an elegant option to consider for your concrete overlay in Houston.

Customized Beauty
Carvestone is hand-applied by professional craftsmen. Each surface is customized to fit the scope of the project, the architectural style of the home, the natural surroundings and the tastes of the homeowner. Carvestone has infinite design options when compared to stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is limited by the number and style of the available stamps and can tend to have a mass-produced appearance due to the repeating stamp patterns. Carvestone is placed, carved and colored in way that makes each project unique.

Protection and Strength
Carvestone is a step above traditional concrete surfaces. Although concrete is very durable, its surface can be damaged over time by exposure to ultraviolet sunlight, standing water and freeze/thaw cycles. Carvestone overlay is designed to be twice as strong as concrete. A Carvestone surface stands up well to repeated foot traffic, vehicles, and exposure to the elements, while maintaining the original beauty of the surface for years or even decades.

Ease of Installation
In many cases, installation of a new concrete pathway, driveway or pad requires the complete destruction and removal of any previous existing surface. However, Carvestone can be placed on top of an existing concrete pad, walkway or driveway as long as the surface is solid and intact. Carvestone can also be applied to a newly poured concrete surface after it has had time to cure. Carvestone is not designed to be used on wood, pavers or any damaged surface.

Quick Repairs
When placed on a uniform, crack-free substrate, Carvestone is unlikely to crack because of the strong internal bonding and extremely high design strength of the material. However, if a crack does develop, repairs can be made quickly and easily using the same Carvestone material as the initial placement.

Carvestone’s Other Benefits
Even though a Carvestone surface is hand-applied, the cost is much lower than that of natural stone when comparing similar sized areas. Carvestone does not absorb heat from the sun, so even in direct sunlight the surface remains cool for bare feet. A Carvestone overlay can also be finished by sponging; creating a surface that does not become slippery when wet. The textured surface makes Carvestone a safe choice to utilize for a poolside deck, outdoor stairway, or driveway.

Less costly than natural stone, but providing a resilient finished surface, Carvestone is an excellent way to dress up any outdoor entertaining area, patio, driveway or parking pad. Contact a professional Carvestone installer today to find out how Carvestone can enhance your next outdoor project.

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