Carvestone is Your Best Option for Pool Deck Resurfacing

[Posted 19 Mar 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

If you are in the process of considering pool deck resurfacing, Carvestone is an option you should not ignore. A pool deck that is worn out, in need of repair or simply outdated can keep you from enjoying your pool. It can also be harmful and dangerous. A new pool deck will not only be safer, it will be more visually appealing and you’ll once again fully enjoy your outdoor space.

There are many advantages to using Carvestone over other pool deck surfaces. For starters, it can be laid over almost any existing pool deck including cement, brick and tile. The biggest benefit to this is that the old surface doesn’t have to be torn out, eliminating the mess and saving time. Another advantage in choosing Carvestone pool deck resurfacing is that it is custom, meaning you choose the colors and the design. Our expert installers hand carve the pattern and install the grout by hand. The finished result looks just like stone!

Other reasons that should put Carvestone on the top of your list are that it doesn’t become slippery when wet. This is an important consideration for a pool deck that will often be exposed to water. Additionally, it doesn’t get hot even after hours of sunlight. These are important issues and safety concerns especially with the high heats of Texas summers!

For more information contact Allied Outdoor Solutions, the leaders in Houston pool deck resurfacing.

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