Carvestone A Concrete Overlay That Looks Great And Protects

Some homeowners feel that when they are choosing a concrete overlay, they are making a choice between durability and something that will offer a visual improvement. Thanks to the Carvestone concrete overlay from Allied Outdoor Solutions, you no longer have to make that choice because Carvestone offers both and much more. It’s for these reasons that Carvestone is now the most recommended concrete overlay, surpassing the once commonly used stamped concrete.

Carvestone is a material that was originally developed for use in restoring historic buildings in Europe and actually contains limestone. This is what gives it the “real stone” look that is so difficult to achieve while still remaining affordable. Once people stateside recognized the beautiful look that can be achieved when Carvestone is installed over driveways, walkways, patios, gardens and pool decks, it was clear that it’s popularity would take off. Allied Outdoor Solutions allows homeowners to help design a look for their Carvestone concrete overlay that is customized to their specific preferences, which is another reason that it’s been such a popular choice among those in the Houston area.

However, for many people, it is the protection of these external concrete surfaces from the year round climate of Houston that prompts them to look into a concrete overlay in the first place. This is another area where Carvestone shines. While stamped concrete achieves a PSI rating of 3500, Carvestone is able to exceed that with a PSI rating of 5800, which is double that of the plain concrete.


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