Carverstone Is The Perfect Pool Deck Resurfacing Solution

You’ve been eyeing your back yard and pool area for a while now and thinking that it isn’t as beautiful as it used to be. You are wondering what can be done to beautify the area but you’re just not sure. Allied Outdoor Solutions can help you in a big way. We have a beautiful overlay used in pool deck resurfacing. It is called Carverstone and it has the appearance and feel of actual stone, but at the fraction of the cost. It can be applied right over your existing surface and give you twice the durability of standard concrete. There are a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can match whatever décor is already in place.

One decided benefit of using Carverstone decorative concrete around a pool is that it has a non-skid surface. It isn’t slippery when wet so you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is additional safety for your family and friends. Our coating also stays cool to the touch, so areas that are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time will still be comfortable to walk on.

Please call us at Allied Outdoor Solutions and let us show you why our Carverstone pool deck resurfacing solutions are the very best. We believe strongly in providing more than satisfaction to our customers and we offer our products at very reasonable rates. Come by our showroom so you can see first hand just how lovely our overlays are.

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