Caring For Decorative Concrete In Houston

[Posted on August 20th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Choosing decorative concrete flooring for your Houston home is a smart way to achieve long-lasting durability for the indoor or outdoor surfaces of your home. This versatile material can be used inside or outside, and comes in a variety of patterns, colors and designs. Whether you want concrete for a walkway, patio, screen house or pool area, you can look for professionals like Houston Concrete to provide you with this flawless addition to your house.

Why Houston Decorative Concrete?

Its easy to care for decorative concrete in Houston and there are many reasons why you should choose Houston Concrete’s decorative concrete for your next flooring option, not the least of which is concrete’s innate strength. It can resist UV rays, has a low initial cost with little maintenance needed, and features a natural slip resistance that is great for pool areas. Concrete also resists fire and never burns, which makes it ideal for outdoor kitchens and fire pits. It’s a green material that’s got durability on its side, posing a minimal environmental impact that is priority number one for many progressive homeowners.

Concrete won’t rot like wood will and it never has to be ripped up every few years due to staining like carpeting does. And, unlike carpeting, concrete doesn’t harbor harmful allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies. Boosting the sustainability of your Houston home is easy with decorative concrete, which resembles natural stones of all kinds without breaking the bank. When you opt for concrete, you’re conserving materials because there’s no need to rip it out and start over every few years like with other flooring surfaces, plus you’re adding to the energy efficiency of your home. Because concrete doesn’t require lots of maintenance and therefore money, you’re keeping more cash in your wallet. With so many concrete coatings and sealants featuring non-toxic and low-odor versions, you can ensure the health of your family when you incorporate decorative concrete into your home.

Caring for Decorative Concrete in Houston

If you properly care for your decorative concrete in Houston, it can last up to three decades. That’s because concrete actually gains strength after it’s poured, resulting in a long-lasting surface that can repel the elements well and really take a beating, such as in the case of driveways and pool decks. The one thing you should do as a homeowner is re-seal your decorative concrete each year to maintain it’s lasting beauty and luster. For regular concrete surfaces that are not decorative or stamped, you can do this task every three years.

Why Houston Concrete?

From outdoor kitchens to patios, you can choose from a wide spectrum of stamps, colors and finishes to enhance your indoor or outdoor decor. Making a lasting impression with your flooring is as easy as enlisting the help of Houston Concrete, backed by a history of meeting the home remodeling needs of Houston homeowners for 24 years. This company is bonded and insured, and is a member of the BBB, boasting highly trained technicians, proven concrete techniques, and the use of only the best quality materials. With an unrivaled value, Houston decorative concrete is a wise choice for any homeowner who wants to boost the value of their home and become the envy of the neighborhood with a flawless finish.

decorative stamped concrete finish backyard patio Houston Texas

A decorative stamped concrete to finish off a patio for Houston family.