Can Your Austin Concrete Handle Another Year of Wear and Tear?

[Posted on February 5th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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If you are dealing with some major issues related to your driveway or patio, it is important to meet with the right professionals to test your concrete. Concrete in Austin can start to wear out due to the fluctuating heat and cold weather. Living in Austin can cause concrete to wear because the heat causes the concrete to expand and contract. Based on when the concrete was laid, it will end up leading to serious concerns with the way it cracks over the years. The moisture loss that occurs when the cement dries will allow it to harden, but it can cause it to crack in some places if the moisture pulls from the cement too rapidly. If your concrete is aging, it is important to meet with professionals to have it checked out. Some homeowners find that having the concrete seal coated can prevent additional cracking, and will allow the concrete to last longer.

Temperature Changes

A major reason why concrete in Austin starts to crack and age quickly is a result of the variants in the weather. If you already have cracks in the concrete, it is important to hire professionals to check on the concrete as soon as possible. Repairing the cracks will prevent them from splitting further, causing additional problems. The cracks can be sealed with concrete, and a seal coating will prevent additional splitting of the cement.


A simple crack may not seem like a major problem, but it will start to grow as the temperature changes. Cold weather can allow the concrete to stay intact longer, but concrete with existing large cracks will be vulnerable to extreme weather as a result of air pockets within the concrete. New concrete that has been freshly poured can have air pockets that freeze, producing cracks. If the crack survives through the winter months, it may continue to split when the summer months arrive and the concrete expands.

Concrete Seal Coating

Professionals will evaluate the concrete to look for signs of wear and tear. Different concrete seal coating options will give you protection against the weather, but it will also protect areas of your home, such as your driveway, against fluids from vehicles. The concrete sealant will also protect the area from harsh weather conditions, specifically rain and hail that causes water damage, along with staining, and cracking. One benefit to sealing a driveway is not only its enhanced appearance and durability, but how it will be able to prevent the need for repairs in the future.

For the concrete sealant to work effectively, it is important to have the concrete cleaned and free of mold and mildew that can lead to issues such as cracking, or invasive weeds and grass.

Finding a Contractor

Hiring the right contractor is important to make sure your concrete is repaired properly. Always choose a company that is licensed and bonded in order to make certain the project is completed correctly and efficiently.

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