Building Your Dream Houston Patio Using Concrete

[Posted on July 16th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]


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Building a patio can add value and beauty to your home. Patios have the unique ability to extend your living space, creating an atmosphere both for entertaining and for quiet meditation. When considering the construction of a patio, however, there are many possibilities to consider. What will be its design?  Will it have a specific pattern? Do you have a simple shape in mind, or do you plan for it to wrap around and enhance the natural landscape? Most importantly, what material will you use? Let Houston Concrete help you with your patio design and construction. You can trust the experienced patio designers create a custom concrete patio in Houston, designed and individualized for your home and your needs. We offer an array of decorative concrete surfaces that will bring a new aesthetic to your home.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete that is embossed with a pattern or texture, in order to simulate flagstone, stone, slate, or bricks. Unlike a patio made from these materials, however, concrete has the advantage of actually increasing in strength for several years after it is poured. Concrete also provides better value when compared to pricier brick and stone pavers. If you wish, color can be added to the concrete to create a particular aesthetic, or to help the concrete resemble the stone you choose to simulate. To color the concrete, a coloring agent is added while the concrete is still mixing. After the concrete is poured, spreading a color-enhancing compound on the surface enriches the color. Next, the crew uses rubber stamps resembling the desired pattern to create the design of your choice. Finally, a concrete sealer is applied. The sealer increases the life of your concrete patio in Houston, by shielding against moisture, thereby promoting durability and decreasing maintenance.

Mixing It Up

There are no limits on the types of designs to integrate and pair within your patio. Just as the interior of your home likely has different flooring surfaces, the patio can also take on different characteristics to create different outdoor “rooms” and functional spaces. Various stamp patterns, colors, and textures can be integrated to line pathways, define a round grill or table space, or encircle a fire pit. Each pattern serves to create a style, define a space, set a mood, or generate a border. Many homeowners choose patterns that complement their indoor living space, while others choose to blend their patterns into the natural landscape.

The Benefits of a Concrete Patio

An increase in home value is among the many reasons a homeowner should consider building a concrete patio. A neatly maintained concrete patio suggests livability, comfort, and style, creating immediate curb appeal for potential homebuyers. Add several planters, a grill, and some outdoor furniture, and the patio generates an inviting ambiance for your property. Aside from attracting potential homebuyers, a patio will draw you out, allowing you greater opportunity to experience the outdoors with the comfort and proximity of your home. A patio serves to draw families into the fresh air, whether it is for reading, playing games, or eating a meal. Enjoying a meal outdoors creates a unique atmosphere that enhances any social gathering.

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