Boost the Aesthetics of Your Houston Home with Decorative Concrete

[Posted on January 21st, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Decorative concrete in Houston offers a great value to all modern day construction projects. The evolution of ordinary functional concrete with decorative and ornamental functions has further widened the popularity of decorative concrete in the construction industry. The following is a closer look at some benefits of using decorative concrete coating applications over non-concrete or ordinary concrete applications.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Gone are the days when using concrete meant an ordinary grey slab of cement that is to be used as a foundation for tiles, wood flooring, linoleums, or carpets. With decorative concrete in Houston, now you can easily transform a simple cement slab into something that is beautiful and can stand out on its own. Painting contractors use stamping technique to create artistic designs and patterns in freshly-poured concrete mixes. Artful concrete stamping can easily mimic the design of bricks, stone, wood or slate. The finished flooring can even take many of the interesting hues, and can easily mix with aggregates, tiles, rocks or stones for a real artistic effect.

Stamped concrete can also be used as beautiful pavers. They are easier and safer to apply and maintain. As compared to traditional masonry, these decorative concrete applications have much longer useful life than former.

Design Flexibility

As floor finishings, various decorative concrete coatings offer amazing design flexibility. They can also be used for creating acid-etched, stamped, polished or stained floors that are inexpensive alternatives to other types of traditional floor coverings. Polished floors are not only used in homes, but also in many public facilities due to the durability and ease of maintenance.

Long Service Life

As concrete is strong and rigid, it can easily tolerate a variety of impact. With decorative concrete coating, you can easily transform a cement foundation into a beautiful flooring system that has superior strength and much longer service life. With the application of decorative and protective concrete coatings, they are even more resistant to the damages from water, chemical, wind and various other sources.


Decorative concrete coatings are critical applications in various green building projects because of their isolative properties. They help in saving considerable energy, as they maintain comfortable temperatures inside the structure and in-turn reduce the use of the HVAC system. Many of these coatings are designed for light-reflectivity, which prevents the production of heat island effect inside the building by warding off solar impact, thereby reducing temperatures.

Unlike conventional floor coverings, decorative concrete coating contributes negligible amounts of VOC emissions. It’s easy to remove dust particles from the surface and protective coatings inhibit harmful bacterial growth; offer water proofing; and also maintain indoor air quality.


As decorative concrete coating applications have stronger resistance to damages and last longer, they do not need to be repaired or replaced often, if at all. With proper maintenance, floorings can outlive many other areas of the home.

Decorative concrete coatings combine functionality and beauty into one complete package, turning it into a practical and popular flooring solution in any home or commercial space.

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