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[Posted 24 Apr 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Would you like to beautify your Decks in Houston? Do you have a pool deck, patio deck, or an out-door area that needs an overhaul? Concrete coatings may be the best answer you will ever find to beautify your decks and outdoor areas: especially in terms value vs. cost.

Allied Outdoor Solutions is a specialist in sales and installations of “concrete coatings.” They have a huge variety of colors, styles, and applications for any concrete or deck beautification project. What is Allied Outdoor Solutions secret? They use the best modern technology available for these applications—CarveStone products.

CarveStone, originally developed to restore historic structures in Europe, has now become one of the strongest and most attractive concrete beautification materials on the market today.
The Allied outdoor Solutions family has been beautifying Decks in Houston for over two decades. These products will turn any old pool area into an exquisite and natural looking stone walk. The surfaces are much more comfortable than regular concrete, they are much easier to clean (and, if ever needed, repair), and the CarveStone products do not hold heat as do most pavement, wood decks, and normal concrete areas. This allows for a more relaxing and decorative pool area, but also one that is more pleasant to walk on in general.

One of the top complaints pool owners experience in their pool areas is the discomfort of walking in their bare feet around the pool. CarveStone products will feel smooth and cool to the touch, and the picturesque look this product adds will also enhance the atmosphere in your pool area.

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