Beautify Your Houston Outdoor Living Spaces With Pavers

[Posted on August 19th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Adding pavestone to your Houston pool, patio or outdoor kitchen is an easy way to beautify your outdoor living space. Enhancing your home through the use of beautiful, long-lasting pavestone, whether to accent a tree-lined walkway, garden path or spacious patio area, you can make your vision a reality with pavers. Installation by professionals, such as that of Houston Pavers, is imperative to get the job done right.


Why Pavestone?

Perfect for homes in Houston, pavestones are not only strong and durable, but they’re also more cost effective than patching or re-surfacing, according to Houston Pavers. Comprised of small, high-density units, pavestone can naturally resist cracking that often comes with standard or stamped concrete. Because they are less absorbent than other surfacing materials, pavers are perfect for withstanding the heat of Texas and other elements. They’re also attractive and versatile and can resemble the look and feel of slate and other natural stones, says Bob Vila. Thanks to their depth and ability to mimic expensive natural stones, pavers are a perfect choice for driveways, patios walkways, garden areas and pool decks. Using pavers to enhance the beauty and function of your landscape provides a unique look to any space. Whether you like a uniform appearance for your front walkway or a more natural, rugged look for a garden pathway, pavestone will last the test of time.


Updating Your Landscape

When your outdoor decor becomes stale, you need to inject it with a bit of excitement. Not only can you spruce up your backyard with fresh pavers in the patio area, you can also enhance a pool area with pavers to give it a stronger, more textured look that’s best for safety. Got an outdoor kitchen? Use pavestone to create a centerpiece for grilling, parties, campouts and more. Bring out the natural beauty of your summer gathering spots by using pavers than can imitate other stones. For example, a pavestone path designed to look like quaint bricks can be a perfect addition to a backyard garden path and seating area. From cobble stone to flagstone, you can really explore your creative side by complementing anything from water fountains to fire pits.


Selecting the Right Pavestone for Your Space

If you’re unsure of which type of pavestone to select for your Houston home, rely on your professional contractor to advise you. The type you use will depend on what the project is, whether a driveway, walkway, pool area, outdoor kitchen or patio project. Budget, style and climate are all factors as well. Luckily for Houston residents who are used to living with the hot sun, pavers are ideal for this type of climate because they resist fading and cracking from UV rays. You have a variety of color options to choose from as well. Ranging from reds and browns to yellows and tans, pavers are versatile enough to blend with any type of outdoor landscaping you have. Much more affordable than their natural counterparts such as marble, bluestone, travertine, limestone, and granite, pavestone provides a natural texture and slip resistance that’s ideal for surfaces such as those surrounding in-ground pools. Consider pavestone Houston for your next outdoor project and you can easily beautify any outdoor space!

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