Transform your Backyard Patio into an Oasis with Allied’s Concrete Overlay Product

[Posted 23 Jan 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Now that you own the home of your dreams in Houston, TX it is time to do something about your backyard patio.

In Houston, there are many reputable companies that offer concrete beautifying services, but none that match the reputation of Allied Outdoor Solutions.
Allied Outdoors Solutions exclusive Carvestone overlay product is a state of the art concrete overlay product. Allied’s Carvestone product combines both cement and mineral blends, creating a product that actually looks like real concrete stone.

With Allied’s overlay product, it is easy to change the appearance of your patio, and the only limits are your imagination. This product can be designed, and shaped to blend perfectly with your patio’s existing stone or brick. You also have the option to totally makeover of your entire patio’s surface using this extraordinary product.

Your patio is just as important an investment as the rest of your home. It is another area where you can relax, and a great place to enjoy an evening meal with family and friends.
Since additional living space increases a home’s value, why not make it stand out. A concrete overlay that you’ve selected yourself not only shows off your design sense; it makes a bold statement that sets your home apart from your surrounding neighbor’s homes.

With Allied’s Carvestone overlay product, you can have it all. A beautiful new outdoor patio, that features an overlay design that’s uniquely your own.

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