Many Areas of Your Austin Home Can Benefit from Concrete

[Posted on November 19th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Despite the fact that concrete is perceived as having a cold, bland, unfriendly effect on the senses, concrete can instantly provide a beautifully modern feel when used for both interior and exterior purposes. Concrete in Austin has the ability to embrace color and allow for a glossy appearance.

What Areas Of My Home Can Benefit From Concrete?

Because of its ability to be sanded down and polished, concrete surfaces can go anywhere that you were previously considering putting other hard surfaces such as tile, carpet, hardwood, or marble. Concrete in Austin is a practical, elegant, and beautiful option for indoor and outdoor flooring, counter tops, and walls. Included below are some of the advantages of choosing concrete over various other hard surfaces for your home.

Concrete Surfaces Are Easy To Care For

The sealant on concrete surfaces makes it so they are not able to be stained. The surface is smooth, and therefore easy to clean. All they require to keep their beautiful sheen is a weekly mopping or spray of the hose.

Concrete Surfaces will be Unique to Your Home

Concrete surfaces are truly the most unique surface option you can ask for. They can easily take on any color of your choosing, and various application techniques may be applied to give it the look you desire. The subtle cracks in the concrete not only give it a very stone like appearance, but they add character and even perpetuate the uniqueness of your concrete surface. Different sealers can be applied on top of the concrete surface: Acrylic sealers will give it a wet look while silicone based sealers can give it a matte appearance. You may also adopt the technique of stamping the concrete surface to give it a pattern of your choice, such as the appearance of tiles or even wood flooring.

Concrete Surfaces are Durable

A concrete surface that has been polished and continues to be maintained has a lifespan of at least one hundred years. If cared for properly, it will maintain its initial appearance as it is extremely durable and it cannot be stained or damaged by flooding. Because concrete surfaces will never need to be replaced, they are by far the best wallet friendly option for homeowners.

Concrete Surfaces are Environmentally-Friendly

When choosing concrete for interior floors, usually the only thing to keep in mind is the concrete slab that already exists in most homes. This helps to lessen the need for the utilization of machinery in order to produce the necessary materials to install which is often the case for carpet or hardwood flooring. Even if there is not a functioning concrete floor already under the home, concrete is can be mixed with sustainable products decreasing its impact on the environment. Concrete is also a recyclable material.

Concrete surfaces in larger amounts, such as floors, even help to save energy by keeping the interior of the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, decreasing the need for energy to be put into heating and cooling.

Concrete can be an excellent addition to every area of the home. Its sleek and modern style will appeal to any existing style and its construction makes it both affordable and environmentally-friendly. Contact your local concrete installation company in Austin to receive a quote and transform your home today.

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