Alternative Uses of Concrete Overlay

[Posted 30 Jan 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Who would have ever though that a technique like concrete overlay, which was originally introduced to the world as a face lift procedure for all cracked or damaged concrete areas, would have turned into such a major decorative means and give a modern and stylish note to all areas it is applied to?

Approximately 20 years after utilizing its original potentials, it can now be so much more than just a utilitarian medium for any construction; in fact, it has evolved so much that it can be:

Polished, by using diamond pads that are passed over the concrete in successive layers until it reaches the desired high-glassy finish. Polished concrete overlay is considered the new generation superstar in the world of decorative flooring. One can ask for a terrazzo-like finish or a decorative saw cuts and watch his floor being completely transformed into a modern and elegant piece of art.

Engraved, by cutting curved or straight lines (or even both for more artistic outcomes), geometrical patterns and grooves right into the concrete surface and make it look like a flagstone, tile or cobblestone or other surface patterns one can usually see around. Many people use it to reshape their pool decks or patios but the sky is the limit when it comes to being creative.

Used by a form liner and create permanent shapes and designs. It is a method when the overlay is casted into detailed and unique designs and is very popular when in need of a patio re-shape or a driveway reformation

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