Allied Outdoor Solutions Offers Hand Made Decorative Concrete Houston Homeowners Will Love

When it comes to decorative concrete Houston homeowners have come to trust Allied Outdoor Solutions. We’ve completed over 2000 jobs in the Houston area and we aren’t slowing down. We believe in doing a job right and doing it quickly without making you rearrange your life. When we install Carvestone concrete coating on your driveway, pool deck or patio, we do so by hand and it doesn’t require us to do any messy tear outs.

Not only does the Carvestone concrete overlay enhance the look of the concrete around your home, it offers a higher level of protection meaning it will last longer and withstand the elements better than the concrete alone or other coatings on the marketplace. The other aspect of our work that others that offer concrete resurfacing Houston people can choose from is that we treat each job individually. We tailor the job to your specific home and qualifications so that you know your Carvestone concrete coating job is customized to your needs.

We’re also unique in that each step of the process is done by hand, which means we hand trowel, hand texture, hand carve, hand color and hand grout each and every project we do, so you know our craftsmen know what they’re doing. That’s the kind of dedication that isn’t available for most jobs  dealing with concrete Houston homeowners must have done. The team at Allied Outdoor Solutions takes pride in the fact that we literally leave our hand prints on each completed project and that’s why you know we’ll do a great job.

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