Adding a Touch of Whimsy to the Home with Stamped Concrete Houston

[Posted on July 16th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Stamped concrete in Houston can be used to make an outdoor concrete surface resemble stone slabs or cut stone pavers. In addition to these classic design options, stamped concrete can also be used to create unique designs that personalize any outdoor living area, driveway or poolside. The many options available with stamped concrete can add a touch of design flair to any home.

Stamped Concrete Facts

Stamped concrete in Houston begins like any other concrete surface. Concrete is a mixture of sand, small pieces of stone called aggregate and cement. Water is added to these ingredients and the resulting substance begins a chemical process called curing. For a brief period after the addition of water, the concrete remains fluid and can be worked. To install a concrete surface, wooden or plastic forms are used to hold the concrete while it cures, or the concrete is poured into an excavated area of soil formed to surround the new surface. After pouring, the concrete is smoothed by a flat tool called a float. After smoothing, but before the concrete hardens completely, the surface can be modified using rubber stamps to create geometric or irregular designs in the concrete.

Design Options for Stamped Concrete

The design possibilities for stamped concrete are only limited by the different configurations of stamps. Stamps can make the concrete look like natural stone or can be used to craft any number of geometric, curved, spiral, circular or random designs. The addition of color is another aspect of stamped concrete that adds an extra dimension to a surface. Color can be added as one uniform hue or can include a mixture of colors to further imitate the variations of stone. The surface can be stamped before or after the addition of color and even polished after curing. Colors available include not only standard earthtones but reflect a varied palette of dark reds, brilliant oranges and blues, deep greens and any other color of the rainbow.

Stamped Concrete as Personal Expression

The limitless designs available with stamped concrete enhance any home and illustrate the individual tastes of the homeowner. With the right combination of coloring and stamps, a homeowner can use stamped concrete as outdoor artwork. The addition of color can make an outdoor surface stand out in comparison with a green lawn and can make a pool deck contrast with the blue of the water. By using the right stamps to produce an outline and coloring each segment differently, sunbursts, artistic borders and even figures can be depicted on the surface of the concrete. Decorative medallions can anchor a space, and alternating squares can be colored differently for a checkerboard effect.

Uses for Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is very durable and can last for several decades with proper care. Stamped and colored surfaces are excellent for driveways, especially when texture has been added to improve tire traction when the surface is wet. Poolsides, connecting walkways, covered or open patios, garage floors and any area used for outdoor entertaining can all be enhanced with an artistically designed stamped concrete surface.

Intricately designed stamped concrete surfaces are now available to enhance the beauty of any home. Contact a local Houston stamped concrete specialist to find out more about personalizing your exterior space and adding panache to your home.

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