You Can Achieve a Variety of Looks with Stamped Concrete in Houston

[Posted on December 17th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Stamped concrete in Houston can transform the look of your home and yard, adding an extra dimension of style to anything from the driveway to the patio. Stamping involves pressing a template featuring an etched design or pattern into poured concrete to make patterns on the surface. Use stamped concrete in a variety of ways to achieve that unique look that separates your Houston home from your neighbors’.

A Step Above the Rest

Colored and textured to match any outdoor decor, stamped concrete in Houston often mimics the look of stone or other paving materials, offering a distinct stylistic advantage over traditional smooth concrete. Go the extra mile to make your driveway, patio, pool area, walkway, garden path or sidewalk stand out. There are many advantages to stamped concrete, not the least of which is appearance. You can recreate the look of stone, brick or any other material, at a fraction of the cost. You may add color dimensions of your choosing that you can’t get with other paving materials. You can also purchase your stamped concrete to appear in any geometric pattern you want, without being constrained to individual pieces of pavers.

One distinct advantage of stamped concrete is the addition of traction. Applying a stamped concrete pool area not only lends itself to an attractive design, it also integrates a naturally slip-resistant surface.

Achieving the Stamped Concrete Look

You can achieve this stand-out look by hiring a professional for the job. There are many designs, textures and colors to choose from. You can even add colorant to standard concrete to attain just the right shade. Many experts recommend a seamless texture or low-profile concrete stamping design, especially for pool areas, as deep lines in the concrete can retain water, leading to increased risk for falls and slips. Deep lines and intricate designs for driveways can be achieved when professionally designed and installed.

Patios and walkways can incorporate traditional straight lines, sunbursts or cubed patterns. You can also incorporate embossing skins to imitate the look of fractured earth, slate, river stone, fossils and herringbones.

Get Creative

The possibilities for creative ideas are endless. Incorporate patterns that mimic cobblestone, irregular stone, or even brick in your backyard patio for that rustic, traditional feel. Use open-mold stamps to outline any shape you want, or try closed-mold stamps for texture on any concrete surface. For a more modern look, try geometric patterns in cool grays to complement the stylish design of your modern patio furniture. Maintenance for concrete is a straightforward process. You can simply power wash the surface once in a while to keep moss and dirt at bay, and apply a sealant to keep moisture from infiltrating. Getting creative with stamped concrete is easy since the possibilities are endless– get as wild or traditional as you want.

Contact your local concrete contractor today to receive an estimate on installation and find out more about the limitless styles and designs you can incorporate into your home.