A Concrete Overlay Can Be Utilized Throughout Your Houston Home

[Posted on March 5th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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A concrete overlay in Houston is a design element being used more and more as a building material for home. A concrete overlay provides your Houston home with a decorative element and can give life to your old concrete flooring. Referred also as a micro-topping or skim coat, concrete overlays take the place of acid staining techniques used to refinish your old concrete.

You should know the benefits of a concrete overlay for your Houston home and how it can be utilized the best. You should also explore your options by employing a professional concrete company to help you decide which type of concrete overlay in Houston you should utilize and for installation. Understanding everything that you can about concrete overlays and finding the right concrete installer will help you choose the right flooring option for your Houston home.

The Benefits of a Concrete Overlay for your Houston Home

Old concrete footings and flooring in your Houston home may not be compatible with staining techniques used to give your floors new life. A concrete overlay is more durable than traditional concrete and provides you with more options for design. There are far more color options available to you when installing a concrete overlay.

There are several types of concrete overlays to consider for your Houston home. They include epoxy coatings, micro-toppings, skim coats, self-leveling overlays, spray-down toppings, stamped overlays, and polished concrete overlays.

Where a Concrete Overlay is Best Utilized

A concrete overlay can be utilized in any part of the home that contains concrete flooring. This is especially true of great rooms, kitchens, basements and other interior spaces, as well as your driveway, patio and garage. If you have noticed that the concrete within the interior or exterior of your home has started to wear down, chip or crack, you may want to strongly consider the different types of concrete overlays available

A survey of your home will help you determine where you may want to consider having a concrete overlay installed. You may also want to consider the different techniques for concrete overlays and decide on the one that gives you the most color options or design and decorative elements you seek for the type of space within your home.

Using a Professional Concrete Company for your Concrete Overlay Houston

In order to have a concrete overlay placed in your home, you need to find a professional concrete company to assist you. You should find a company that has experience and expertise with the installation of concrete overlays for your home. A professional concrete company can assist you with finding the best concrete overlay option for your home.

When you use a Houston-based professional concrete company for your concrete overlay needs, you gain access to a local expert that can help you find the best concrete overlay option. You can rely on their expertise to make your home look new and give your concrete flooring a much needed facelift.