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3 Ways Concrete Overlays Make Your Backyard More Cohesive

Pool deck and patio fashions change over time. But having matching improvements and features never goes out of style. If you have recently updated your pool deck to give it a more modern style, it might no longer match your patio. If you’ve recently expanded your patio or added a new concrete path in your yard, those new features might also not match the preexisting concrete. Give your whole backyard a consistent update with a concrete overlay. Here are three more reasons to do it:

1. Concrete overlays protect concrete.

Bare concrete is vulnerable to a lot of damage. Mud, rust, and microscopic plants can stain the surface, and deep-set stains don’t always come out. Untreated concrete can also start to crumble in the corners and develop scratches from heavy outdoor furniture.

A concrete overlay shields the underlying concrete from damage. Its surface is also designed to repel physical damage, chemical etching, and stains.

2. Cohesive features look more well-planned.

Your backyard doesn’t have to be completely restyled every time you make a change to it. But making all the features hold the same design elements makes your whole yard feel more cohesive. If you’ve recently added square footage to your patio, you don’t have to wait years for the concrete to gain the same coloring as the older slabs.

Add an overlay that gives all of the surfaces the exact same look and feel. This also helps smooth out the style if the original patio was laid several years ago.

3. You can update your backyard without massive construction.

Construction is loud and messy. If you want to update your yard but you don’t want the headache, an overlay is the right solution. If you preexisting surfaces are structurally stable, our trained experts can apply a strong, beautiful surface on top. Not only is there less mess to clean up, you get to enjoy your new backyard sooner.

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